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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will my project cost?
    The cost of services varies from project to project. The scope of the project, size and square footage, additions, number of installations, soft scape, hardscape, and design fees are all items that can add to final cost. On average, our service projects range anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000.
  • Do you have project minimums?
    Yes, our minimum project take on is $1,500 for installations. Landscape designs have a 2 hour minimum.
  • Does my project require permitting?
    This depends on the scope of work. Most of our projects are hard scape and soft scape, and do not require such a permit. Permits are required for new structures 12' or larger that includes decks, pergolas, etc., and retaining walls exceeding 5' in height.
  • Do you charge a consultation fee for design?
    Yes, rate for consultation is 100/hour for your first site visit with our lead landscape designer. This includes a comprehensive walk-through, taking entire site measurements and site photos, sharing ideas and gaining feedback on the overall desired function and look of the project. The time frame for a consultation duration is typically 2 hours, or as much time as the designer needs to gather information. If you are interested in these services, please send a booking inquiry to
  • What are your design fees?
    The design fee is 100/hour which covers all communications, drawings, HOA reading, and any other duties involved in the creating of the design. The design can be a 2D drawing plan, or renderings with drawing plan depending upon client needs. Renderings incur longer design time frame though give the client a 3D look at how the landscape will look. Renderings are not always necessary. A design package is included with either design, which reference by photo all plants and materials included in the design.
  • Is there a cancelation fee?
    Yes, we charge a $75 for same-day cancellation fee for consultations. Please notify the office or your landscape designer at least one day (24 hours) before your appointment if you need to cancel for any reason. The fee may be waived for emergency situations.
  • Do you give rebates for design, or free designs with installations?
    We offer custom designs and consulting. We consider the architecture, design and color of your home, local environment, climate, and tailor a design unique for you; therefore our fees are fully earned. A custom landscape design for your unique property by Carmel Gardens will give you the designer / client communication and experience you are looking for when investing into your home.
  • Do I need an engineer or architect for my project?
    You’ll likely need an engineer and/or architect for your project if there are structural concerns, slopes, difficult hill sides, pools, cantilevered structures or structural walls. Your landscape designer can perform services on specific structures and certain retaining walls. Beyond this, a contractor would then assume the liability for the structures in question, which very well may need to be engineered.
  • Do you have any contractors you suggest I work with?
    Yes! We have trusted contractors that we work with and are happy to give you a price based on the design so that you can have all work done at one stop! It is always recommend getting bids from at least two or three contractors. To learn more about the contractors we work with, call our landscape designer today.
  • Will you oversee the install of the design?
    To ensure the design is executed with the utmost accurate detail and oversite, the designer can visit the job site on a daily/weekly/monthly basis depending upon job size and needs at an hourly rate of 125. If you would like to discuss project management by designer please send us an email
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