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We begin by meeting you, the client at the property where the design is needed. An onsite consultation is necessary to understand the desired functions and aesthetics of the landscape. Walking the property, understanding history of the land, critical utilities and other important factors such as light exposure and overall measurements to build a base map. Hearing clients preferences, ideas, and pulling from those ideas when discussing the design, offering ideas and collaborating in this way creates a landscape that the client will love. I am already imaging your space as I gather information, and how impactful the potential design could be. This is an open consultation that will give you plenty of ideas and feedback of how your space can be utilized. At this point its great that all parties sit and run through the ideas and go over the way to proceed forward with the design. The cost of this initial consultation is $200.


step 1

This is the measuring part of your property in order to create a base map. Any survey plans or site plans from a prior builder are helpful though not necessary. Measuring the site is an important step as this translates to the plan view and to the contractor for install and material count.  A thorough set of site photos and videos will be taken at this point for visual references of the property as we go through the design process.  We will discuss needs, desires, function, budget and overall aesthetic. Once we have this information we go to the drawing board and draw out the concept plan in more detail. 

step 2

The preliminary design stage is the initial cumulation of all your ideas and ours put to paper,  whether it be hand drawn or digital. This preliminary concept will include the entirety of your design including all hardscaping (patios, pools, decks, pergolas…. Etc.), planting plan, and lighting.  This will be a full layout of your design and at this point we bring out the red pen for any changes, tweaks or adjustments that may occur - as we work toward a final plan. 

This phase will include pictures of specific materials, design and structure concepts so you can visualize more clearly. A plant identifier will be provided for you to review look and detail of plants. While going over the design both you, and the designer will be able to make initial tweaks and changes to this initial layout. After this first meeting the designer can leave the initial concept with you so you can continue to study it at your leisure.

step 3

Once design is finalized upon a secondary meeting, we will present to you the final version of the plan.  This will usually include a full-size to-scale copies (usually 24″x36″) of the plan.  Although conceptual, this final plan will have all the details included for the needs of your chosen contractor to provide you a bid. All measurements, materials (and amounts), full planting chart, lighting (type, location, and counts), will be provided. 

We offer 3D renderings for your project, which is a great way to see your final design before install and makes a clear understanding of the final look. We have an excellent team of contractors, we are happy to submit your plans to them to get the bidding process underway.

After final design there are often things that come up that can include site conditions, budget restrictions, or simply a change of heart.  Never fear, you are still allowed another round of modifications to get the plan right for the construction phase. 

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